Cookie Orders


Cookies by the Dozen- you give me the theme, I make a fun mix! $35/dozen

Character/Detailed cookies by request- pricing ranges depending on how elaborate the request is- $30-45/dozen

Corporate/Logo cookies- prices range due to fonts/logo. Some fonts don’t translate to icing, so I prefer to have a consultation before giving a quote. Most corporate cookies come in ~$4 to $5 a cookie, but if we simplify the design, they could come in lower!

With any cookie order, I will gather your information and give you a quote before you order. Please feel free to contact me for a quote estimation. At that time, I can help brainstorm designs that fit your budget!

Cookies usually take about 3-4 days to make and dry. They are always still fresh! Please allow 5 days notice before delivery! Rush orders will be considered because sometimes you just need some sugar!


Shipping is $15/dozen to anywhere in the US

Shipping adds 3 days to the cookie process, so please contact me for shipped orders 1.5-2 weeks before desired delivery

Please contact Allison at if you are interested in ordering cookies.


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