Quick Cookies- Ninja

I’ve never baked, made icing, and decorated all in one day.  It’s usually easier to let each piece of the cookie dry to ensure quality.  Since I had to quickly whip up some cookies for our friend, I made ninja cookies all in one day!

They were pretty cute (and still wet for the photos!) and were consumed just as quickly as they were made!

IMG_8922 IMG_8924 IMG_8926


Summer Flowers

As my first cookie undertaking, I tried to exactly replicate cookies from this post.

Sugarbelle is a cookie virtuoso.  She’s talented and so nice to share tutorials. Since she lives in Texas and the laws do not allow her to sell out of state, she share tips, inspiration, and how-to’s for other cookie decorators.  Since it was my first go of cookie decorating, I decided just learning was more important than creating my own work.  I love the color combo and would like to redo these cookies soon to see how much steadier my hands have become!

IMG_6256 IMG_6260 IMG_6262 IMG_6266 IMG_6269 IMG_6271 IMG_6264

Not bad for my first go, but by no means up to Sugarbelle standard!