Raving Mad

Since this is a cookie and small business diary, I figured I would share the truth about starting my own business.  It’s not all sugar and sweetness…

I guess one of the perils of starting your own business is realizing it’s still possible to be let down by someone.  I am a perfectionist.  I know that, and so when I work for myself, I have a standard that, though high, is reasonable for myself.  So when the only part of the process of cookie making and delivery that involves someone else is the shipping, and that gets screwed up, I’m obviously livid.

I shipped two boxes of cookies (three dozen) on Monday to be delivered by Wednesday evening via UPS.  I sent them at Staples, a UPS retailer, on Monday morning.  I was there so early, as to not lose any time, that they unlocked the door for me.  On Monday the tracking codes were not working so I followed-up at noon to make sure they were going to send the boxes, and they said there pickup was around 5pm.  Then this is where there’s absolutely no explanation.  They say they gave the boxes to UPS, UPS shows no record of them until 10pm Tuesday evening.  They are each blaming one another.

Net, net: the cookies are late, will not be there for the event and I’m sick about it.

I’m so frustrated because this reflects poorly on me as a brand. I’ve worked so hard to start something that wasn’t a joke.   So the answer to the “Do I ship cookies?” question, is, “Maybe.  Just not from Staples and not via UPS.”


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