Gender Reveal Cookies

We have friends who are due any day now with their first baby. They have managed to wait 9 months to find out the gender. I can’t imagine waiting that long. I’m just not that patient. Heck, I can hardly get a picture of the cookies dry before I eat at least one err, two or more of them. That’s why I love the “new” Gender Reveal parties people are having. I’m always up for a celebration, and these are a fun way to get the whole village involved, not just the ladies at a shower. I’ve seen blue and pink reveal cakes, balloons, confetti, and other way cute ideas on Pinterest.

In that spirit, I made a gender reveal cookie that would allow everyone at the party to participate. Everyone gets a cookie and bites into it at the same time! The inner-icing is pink or blue!

These could be in any shape- rattles, onsies, bees (what will it bee?), or any other theme! The top icing doesn’t even have to be white. The possibilities are endless.

I snagged this iphone photo before they were iced to show the bottom layer:photo(5)


And these are them covered!


For demonstration purposes only, I took a bite to show the inside:


I think because I knew which one was which, I felt like I could see the pink through the white! I would double layer the white next time just to make sure there was no “peeking.”



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