Packaging and Branding

I started this blog on the WordPress platform because there are a couple of designers who make beautiful blogs and websites that I could upgrade to if Spoonful really took off.  I was pleasantly surprised that the designs WordPress offered to fill the interim, were lovely, simple, and fit my vision for Spoonful well.  In that vein, I designed my business cards and packaging to follow the Tiffany blue, white, and gray found in the blog.

I’m surrounded by graphic designers everyday at work, but I figured I would do this one on my own.  I made a simple spoon graphic and kept the business cards basic, yet unique.  Since these cookies take a while to make and are priced higher than Girl Scout cookies or Oreos, it was important for me to establish a package that made the cookies feel special.

Here’s a look at the box all packaged up:


The business card:



In each package I wanted to include a few extra business cards to increase word-of-mouth referrals.  Here’s the package I plan to include in each order:



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