Eskimo Kisses

These little gals are the second part of the winter set.  I think they turned out adorable.  It was my first effort at skin colored icing, and I think it worked!

IMG_8173IMG_8155  IMG_8177 IMG_8178

And the whole set:


In other news, I’m getting things set up to sell my cookies.  Since I went to business school, I feel like I’m “not ready.”  There’s no formal business plan on paper.  I dont have everything set up perfect.  Who’s my exact target market?  How do I price and promote my cookies?  What’s my capacity to bake a week?  So many unanswered questions, but as I’ve said before, I’m just going with it.  I’m getting a federal tax id, having Brent help me set up the business, and printing the required legalese on my cookies just in-case.  I’ve always wanted to work for myself and I figure if I work hard enough, I can make that happen!  I’ll keep journaling how starting a (very) small business is going.  For now, I need a stiff drink to quiet all those questions in my head!


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