I’m a perfectionist.  It’s no secret if you know me.  I like things done well and I want everyone to see only my best work product.  It’s always been hard for me to be honest about my secrets like the laundry mountain range in my basement, or the fact that my kitchen looks like the Swedish Chef on Muppets. <Reference Here for a visual>  I always try to get everything presentable before our friends come over and then just pretend that I function in that world.  That’s why this blog is hard for me.

I enjoy making cookies.  I take them to parties and our friends complement me, but they aren’t like the pros.  They don’t look perfect.  In each batch, I see something that should be better.  I’m giving my self the “most-improved” award for only making a very few and having the Christmas cookies (my latest batch), look much better than ever before.  I’m fighting my fear of showing less-than-perfect cookies with each post I write.  The self-doubt is hard.  If I show these cookies, will people laugh?  Will they think that they are done by a four-year-old?  Would they ever consider purchasing them?

I’ve decided to press the mute button on my inner-self.  Even if this blog is only visited by my friends and family (who have tasted the treats themselves), then fine.  But I owe it to myself to make an honest look at my journey to cookie perfection…

Plus I named this blog “Spoonful of Sequins” to prevent me from pigeon-holing myself.  You know, so when I make my own line of glitter, it can trump all these cookie entries anyway.  🙂


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