Q: What’s “Spoonful of Sequins?”

A: I’m not sure.  Just kidding.  Spoonful of Sequins is the manifestation of my desire to share my passions.  When people ask me what I want to do when I “grow up,” my usual reply is become Martha Stewart without all that insider-trading nonsense.  Though having a crafting empire is a fantastic, abet slightly loft goal, I figure I have to narrow myself in at first.  You know, master one craft, then get my own line of glitter.

So I started Spoonful as a way to share what I’m working on.  I’ve focused on cookies first since it’s a craft I am currently working to perfect.  With each batch, I get better.  In fact, I’m not posting them in any order, but you will probably be able to pick out the batches where I was “learning” more than others.  Eventually I hope to expand to sharing my photography and crafting!


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