Quick Cookies- Ninja

I’ve never baked, made icing, and decorated all in one day.  It’s usually easier to let each piece of the cookie dry to ensure quality.  Since I had to quickly whip up some cookies for our friend, I made ninja cookies all in one day!

They were pretty cute (and still wet for the photos!) and were consumed just as quickly as they were made!

IMG_8922 IMG_8924 IMG_8926


Baby One More Time

A few other cute baby cookies I sent to Dallas for my sister and Campbell’s shower!

IMG_0858 IMG_0861

These were the first cookies where I tried the one bowl method (mixing all colors in one bowl).  I read a couple of cookie blogs and have referenced Sweet Sugarbelle before.  Her site is so helpful with tutorials!  I think the colors look really good together!

Oh Baby!

My sister is having a baby and I’m super excited to meet Miss Campbell Grace!  Here are some cute babies and their bottles!


Babies influenced by Sugarbelle


Denver Broncos Cookies

Things are getting exciting here in Denver.  Tomorrow’s a big game against a formidable team.  The whole town has gone mad with Broncos fever!

Here’s a set of Broncos cookies I made complete with Payton Manning jerseys. The helmets are a nod to the old-school Denver “D” but aren’t that awful brown and yellow throwback. {visual reference here} Here’s hoping tomorrow will go well for the Broncos!

Denver Broncos Cookies

Denver Broncos Cookies


IMG_7823 IMG_7824 IMG_7828


Going to the Chapel

Last December I made a bunch of diamond ring cookies for my sweet friend who was getting married.  I managed to fly them home, decorate them, and take turns at about 5 miles an hour all the way to the party!  They were my first go at a diamond ring cookie.  There are so many others out there (there’s really only one cutter that EVERYONE uses), but I thought the swirls were cute.Since it’s wedding season, I’ve been testing out a few other cookie ring looks!  I’ll share those soon!

IMG_7955 IMG_7957 IMG_7962 IMG_7968 IMG_7970 IMG_7958


Let the Good Times Roll

A while back, I made a batch of Bunco cookies for a family friend.  They turned out very cute and would work well for a casino night!

I’ve had a couple of people weary of black icing.  I read about it and have tested a few different things.  The easiest way to make black icing is to use a high-quality, black coloring.  It doesn’t have the strange taste, and gives you a nice color.  I’ve also tried mixing left-overs from all of my other colors to make black.  It taste exactly the same (which is only like almond!).

IMG_8201 IMG_8203


Shamrock ‘n Roll

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  I will wish you all a year of sweetness and luck!  On to Easter cookies…

IMG_8185 IMG_8177 IMG_8176

P.S.  How cute are those little furry clovers?  That’s edible green sparkles!